Sebastian Coe Exploring Repechage Rounds

Sebastian Coe Exploring Repechage Rounds

Sebastian Coe the World Athletics President recently spoke about the possible introduction of exploring repechage rounds to certain track events. A repechage round is an addtional qualification round for athletes who didn't make the next round automatically. These athletes could face a head to head round to make it to the semi final of a competition. Often in sprint events or more regularly in hurdle races athetles have a poor race and don't advance to the next round. This system give them a second chance to continue through the competition. 

Coe told that "World Athletics believed repechages could ensure the top athletes reach the finals, giving fans gripping contests while providing broadcasters more opportunities to showcase the sport."

World Athletics New Rules Repechage

This new qualification format will replace the old "fastest loser" system that is currently being used in major competitions. The new path to the final could look like, heats, repechage rounds, semi-finals, and the final.

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