Track and Field  Recovery Ice Bath Tub
Track and Field  Recovery Ice Bath Tub
Track and Field  Recovery Ice Bath Tub

TS Recovery Ice Bath Tub

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The ultimate solution for track and field athletes looking to supercharge their recovery routines. Engineered with athletes needs in mind, the TS portable recovery tub brings the benefits of ice baths wherever you go. Designed for portability, this ice bath tub is lightweight and easy to transport, allowing athletes to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy no matter where they train or compete.

Ice therapy helps reduce inflammation, soothes sore muscles, and accelerates the body's natural recovery processes, allowing athletes to bounce back faster and perform at their best.

Dimensions: 33" in diameter and 30" in height, allowing athletes up to 6'8" in height to fit comfortably.


Whats included?

✓ Cushion and inflatable ring for comfort

✓ Hand pump

✓ Repair patch

✓ Tub lid

✓ Drainage pipe


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Built By Athletes, For Athletes

Our product development team is made of current and former elite athletes with optimum performance at its forefront. We are a small diverse brand that care about our customers and our goal is simple, run fast while looking good.