Hyper Wings Road Shoes

Carbon Road Running Shoes - New Drop

Since its release in 2019, TrackSpikes.co has been changing the running spike market. You no longer have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good, well made pair of spikes. This is especially true with carbon plated track spikes, as most of the competition charges considerably more per pair.

Since becoming a major player in the carbon track spike market, the obvious next step was to make their mark on the road running market. Introducing the long-awaited Hyper Wings Road and Hyper KM3 Road, both carbon-plated road shoes designed for maximum performance without breaking the bank!

Hyper Wings Road

Hyper Wings Road Running Shoes

If you are looking for a carbon-plated race shoe but have hesitated to hit the “buy now” button due to the cost, look no further than the Hyper Wings Road! Or, if you’re tired of paying out the nose for name-brand carbon plated shoes, this is the shoe for you!

The Hyper Wings Road is TrackSpikes.co’s first foray into road shoes, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! While most other manufacturers are charging more and more for their most advanced road shoes, TrackSpikes.co has gone in the complete opposite direction and kept their carbon-plated shoes affordable.

Hyper Road Shoes

Designed and engineered to help boost your race day performance, no matter the race distance. Comfort hasn’t been compromised for speed either, so you no longer have to choose a fast or comfortable shoe. Now, you can have the best of both worlds in a lightweight package that only weighs 198 grams per shoe!

If you're looking to up your road race game, look no further than Hyper Wings Road, available in 3 different eye-popping color pallets.

Hyper KM3 Road

Hyper KM3 road running shoes with carbon plate

If you’re looking for a carbon-plated shoe that you can train and race in, then the Hyper KM3 Road is for you! A lightweight shoe designed for daily training or racing, these shoes can help propel you to new personal bests, no matter the distance.

Designed with comfort and support in mind as much as speed, the Hyper KM3 Road is as comfortable as it is fast! Weighing in at just 198 grams per shoe, the carbon fiber plate will help propel you to speeds you previously didn’t think possible without breaking the bank to purchase them.

Hyper KM3

Available in 3 different colorways, a perfect pair is waiting for you at TrackSpikes.co!

Whether you prefer the Hyper Wings Road or the Hyper KM3 Road, both are designed and manufactured to help you set new personal bests at any distance, all while keeping your budget in mind. TrackSpikes.co has put the road running market in its sights and is poised to grab a large share of the market, just as they have done with track spikes.

With free shipping worldwide, now is the best time to order a set online and unlock your road-running potential! Don’t hesitate; get your pair now! 

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