Allyson Felix's New Track Spikes 2021, Cost $2500

Allyson Felix's New Track Spikes 2021, Cost $2500

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After the most decorated track star in U.S history left Nike in 2019 she didn't reach any other shoe sponsorship deal. So instead of continuing to try, she created her own brand. Currently only offering sneakers on their main website the brand "Saysh" also has offered the new track spikes on another website that Felix wore at the U.S Olympic trials for a staggering $2,500. 

Allyson Felix Track Spikes 2021

“These products mean so much more to me than simply the shoes I compete in. This brand represents hope, acceptance, and the power to create change,” the nine-time Olympic medallist said in an Instagram post. 

Felix at aged 35 has a realistic chance of featuring in the medals of the 400m at the games where she will wear her own brand spikes. 

Allyson Felix Track Spikes 2021
Photo: Saysh

After two years without a shoe sponsor she decided to start her own. “I was tired of asking for change. I knew I needed to create it,” she said.

The women's 400ms at the Tokyo Olympics gets underway on August 3rd where Felix will be sporting her new spikes.

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