Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

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Meet our new website, new logo and now new blog. 

Here you will find future posts on track spikes news, future designs, training tips, giveaways, track fails and much more. 

Our new website was designed to serve you the customer in finding the best spikes while proving the highest possible customer experience. 

The design process of our new logo was simple. Keep it minimal,simplistic and straight to the point. The round corners symbolize a track shape and the inline design track lanes. A top design agency specializing in monogram logos was hired to complete the proposal. The process began in April 2020 with a pencil and some scrap paper and the final sketch can be seen below before being transformed into a full vector design.

Logo Sketch

If you have any suggestions for future posts please don't hesitate to reach out info@trackspikes.co 

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