Sydney McLaughlin

Sydney McLaughlin Runs 50.68 & Thats Not For The 400M Flat

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Sydney McLaughlin ran 50.68 seconds for the 400M hurdles at the World Championships in Oregon last month. This world record run would have been fast enough to come 7th in the 400M flat final. McLaughlin at just age 22, became the second-youngest track athlete in history to win the three biggest accolades in an individual event Olympic gold, world title and world record. Ethiopian runner Kenenisa Bekele was the youngest.




What's next for the superstar? Her coach the infamous Bob Kersee said that she may switch to the 400M flat and target that 37 year old world record from Marita Koch of 47.60 seconds. Surely with her speed over the hurdles she can at least get down to 48 seconds for the 400 but who knows what she can do. 

McLaughlins New Balance spikes worn in Oregon. Photo: Jeff Cohen


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