Fake Nike Alphafly Next% Review

Fake Nike Alphafly Next% Review

A while back we posted a fake Nike Alphafly Next% on our Instagram page that we were curious about.

We decided to take the plunge and for one third the price of the original version we were pleasantly surprised. 

Nike Alphafly Next%

On first glance we couldn't tell the difference. The stitching, the infamous ZoomX foam,  it all looked too good to be true. It appeared to use the same materials as the originals.

Aside from the ZoomX foam the carbon plate that's embedded into the shoe is probably the main selling point and the result of years of research and development by Nike. Its not a surprise that the replica version doesn't feature the carbon plate but a plastic alternative. For the cheap price of $99 the shoe can't be expected to feature the plate. It's just impossible to get a carbon plated shoe for anywhere near that price.  

Alphafly carbon plate

Next was the road test. We went on a 5km run to test out these awesome replicas and again we were shocked. They performed like a very versatile and respectful running shoe, so much so we ordered another one in the white and pink version. It's not to be compared to the original carbon plate version but a very good typical running shoe. Unless you're running sub 2:10 marathons for men of sub 2:30 for women you probably don't need a carbon shoe.  

If you also want to try these out we found them on RunflyShoes.com for $115 and we used a discount code RUN10 which got us another 10% off.

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