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Top Performances So Far - Teenager Jumps 8.44m

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Richardson Blitzes TO 10.76s

It might only be May, but we have seen several notable performances already this season, Sha'Carri Richardson ran a remarkable race when she broke the record of the Diamond League meeting in Doha in the 100m race. She achieved a time of 10.76s, surpassing the previous record holder, Tori Bowie, who tragically passed away only a few days earlier at the age of 32. Richardson posted the fastest time of the season. She was followed by Jamaican Sherick Jackson and British athlete Asher-Smith.

"I’m so blessed and thankful, I feel at peace,” "I had to be kicked out from another 100m race, so I had to do my best no matter what.”Richardson said after the race.

 Teenager Jumps 8.44m

Mattia Furlani Long jumper


The young Italian long jumper, Mattia Furlani jumped 8.44 meters at a meeting in Savona. Furlani a two-time under 18 European leaped the massive distance but it was aided by the 2.2 metre tailwind so it will not count as the new world record for the age group. Furlani was delighted after this performance even though the wind canceled out the result.

"I still have to figure out what I did." I went crazy when I saw the result of 8.44m. Shortly after, the wind appeared on the dash, but that didn't change my reaction. It was a great performance and I'm really happy because I worked so hard to prepare for the summer season."

Legendary British long-distance runner, Mo Farah, ran the penultimate race of his career at the Great Manchester Run, finishing eighth. Farah, who turned 40 two months ago, finished the race 44 seconds behind the winner, Eyob Faniel from Italy. Farah who escaped from Somalia when he was young is a four-time Olympic champion, and in his career he won a total of 19 gold medals at major competitions. During his long career, he won almost 30 medals at the most prestigious athletic competitions. He will run his last race in Newcastle on September 10 and Mo is overjoyed with everything he has achieved in his career as he is aware that everything could have been different had he not moved to Great Britain as a child.

"I'm so proud of what I've achieved throughout my career, I was a bit nervous at the start, but this city has some great history and the support I got was amazing."

Another Great British athlete achieved a remarkable result recently, Katarina Johnson-Thompson the 2019 world champion in the heptathlon, returned to the track for the first time since August last year. Katarina has not competed since the Commonwealth Games where she also won gold in the heptathlon and in her return she won the 100m hurdles and 4x400m at Loughborough. In the first race, she achieved a time of 13.73, 0.8 seconds ahead of Mia McIntosh. She triumphed in the relay race together with Ama Pipi, Poppy Malik and Louise Evanswhich. She also competed in the shot put, but she was only ninth among those achieved 13.13 meters.  This competition was effectively the beginning of outdoor performances.

Kerley V Jacobs 100M

Fred Kerley USA


Finally, there have been some great performances in the sprinting events, American Fred Kerley, who started the season with a victory at the Seiko Golden Grand Prix at 100 m with a time of 9.91, breaking the meeting record. Kerley ran a blistering 9.76 in Eugene last summer and was full of confidence heading into the upcoming Diamond League where he was set to clash with Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs, but the Italian will miss the race in Morocco due to a light injury. Jacobs should be ready to perform in Florence on June 2nd so let's see how the battle turns out.


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